MND Research Network Teleconference 5th August 2021

NZ MND Research Teleconference August

The second of our teleconference series for 2021 took place on Thursday 5th August from 10am – 11.30am.

We were delighted to welcome two well renowned MND researchers with a large portfolio of experience in Biomedical Science research in relation to MND.

Dr Emma Scotter; Head, Motor Neuron Disease Research Lab, Centre for Brain Research, University of Auckland

Dr Emma Scotter is head of the New Zealand Motor Neuron Disease Research Lab. Dr Scotter and her team research various aspects of Motor Neuron Disease and in this teleconference presented an overview of research currently happening in the lab.  This includes the nationwide MND genetics study, and insights from her labs program of human brain tissue and cell studies. In particular she described the route from identifying genetic changes in people with MND to understanding whether those gene changes have caused their disease or are simply normal variation. Click here to read a summary of the presentation. 


Dr Luke McAlary;  Illawarra Health and Medical Research institute, University of Wollongong, New South Wales

Dr Luke McAlary presented the research his lab are undertaking for SOD1.  Dr McAlary and his team are interested in a combination treatment for SOD1-associated MND. They have explored the use of CuATSM and Ebselen as a combination treatment and are looking to expand this when they can return to their lab after lockdown. Click here to read a synopsis of the presentation.


Click here to listen to the full recording of this teleconference.

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