MND Research Network Teleconference 16th April 2021

In April we were delighted to have the following presenters for the first teleconference:

Dr Paige Thomas – University of Canterbury Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research, presented the findings from her recent study on “The Impact of Swallowing Skill Training Protocol in patients with MND/ALS”. A summary of her presentation is available here. 

Dr Michal Boyd – Assoc. Professor & Nurse Practitioner; School of Nursing, University of Auckland discussed her research project investigating end-of-life neurodegenerative care in residential aged care facilities. A summary of her presentation is available here.

Grace Chen – Centre for Public Health Research, Massey University presented progress and results on a New Zealand population-based control study to investigate associations between occupational and environmental exposures and MND. A summary of her presentation is available here.

Click here to listen to the full recording of this teleconference.

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