Masters Scholarship – Prevalence of MND in New Zealand

An exciting research opportunity has become available for those interested in completing a master’s study and contributing towards the New Zealand MND research portfolio.

MND New Zealand is funding a study on the ‘’Prevalence of MND in New Zealand ‘’. This is a nationwide, point prevalence study of MND in New Zealand using capture-recapture methodology. It is anticipated that this project will take place over 12 months. The research team are pleased to be able to offer a master’s opportunity as part of this project. They are offering a $10000 stipend (tax free), plus domestic tuition fees for 1 year and are keen to appoint someone as soon as possible.

This is an exciting opportunity to kick start a research career and make a significant contribution to the rapidly evolving field of MND research. More information is available on The University of Auckland Find a Thesis  or click here for details.

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