The third of our teleconference series for 2021 took place on Thursday 2nd December from 10am – 12pm.

We were delighted to welcome the following presenters:

Dr Natalie Leigh; presented the results from her PhD which aimed to learn whether there is a relationship between levels of stigma and levels of psychological distress experienced by individuals with motor neurone disease (MND). The study also aimed to determine the strength of this relationship compared to other important factors such as symptom severity and social support. Many eligible New Zealanders participated in this study through the New Zealand MND Registry.

Dr Alan Stanley; presented the New Zealand guidelines for the assessment and management of MND that have been developed by the MND Clinical Working Group. Dr Stanley also discussed an upcoming study investigating the costs associated with caring for people with MND in New Zealand, which is due to start in the coming months.

Dr Mandy Wilkinson and Justin Jordan; discussed a research study currently happening in Canterbury which aims to examine “The role and impact of the MND clinical nurse specialist”. This is a combined quantitative and qualitative study which will also analyse local data around the prevalence and incidence of MND in Canterbury, including survival rates, times to treatment, hospital admission, and timing of the interventions before and after the implementation of an MND CNS and MND multidisciplinary clinic.

Click here to listen to the full recording of this teleconference.

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